domingo, 7 de setembro de 2008

Madonna Remixed 1- Musical Suspects 2 (music album 2008)

01. Music (Dj Fabio Mendes Progressive Electro Remix 2008)
02. Hung Up (Dj Vinn Disco-Tech Remix)
03. Fighting Spirit (Natural Mix)
04. Into The Groove (Groove Tonic Tektomix)
05. Die Another Day (Underground Marcin Mix)
06. Live To Tell (Beware Of The Moon Manu Mix 2007)
07. Erotica-You Thrill Me (Cleo's SyntheticA Girl Acid Mix)
08. American Life (J-Man Remix)
09. Ray Of Light (2002 303 Dreams Remix)
10. Frozen (Offir Malol Remix 2008 Extended)
11. Like A Prayer (Junior Cortez Old Testament Mix)
12. Hollywood (Holly Birds Marcin Mix)
13. The Beat Goes On (Blaster Project Offer Style Extended Mix)

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