sábado, 4 de outubro de 2008

Laura Branigan on FutureRetro

clique na imagem da cantora e visite a excelente matéria
veiculada no site Future Retro sobre esta
maravilhosa deusa intérprete da musica internacional.

clicando aqui vc. vai poder escutar "Power of love",
talvez um dos maiores sucessos musicais de todos os tempos,
na interpretação de Laura, sobre a qual o editor da matéria diz o seguinte:

"Are you ready to learn about the “Power of Love”?
By now this song has been covered by every artist who ever existed
including no less than Jennifer Rush, Air Supply and Celine Dion.
That makes Laura’s version all the more impressive
for the emotional and vocal firepower that it unleashes.
Laura’s vocals roll by like thunder
and are as sensual, blazing and passionate as they’re ever been.
The song takes a turn from it’s typical love song origins
into something that truly aches from its core.
She outdoes herself particularly well towards the end
when her already soaring vocals explode
into an ear-spinning key change during the stunning final chorus.
This is my vote for Laura Branigan’s finest achievement as a vocalist.
“Power of Love” proves that, given the right material,
Laura could have stood diva to diva with Celine Dion had she been given the chance. ...".

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